Our Company

Touchstone Exploration Inc. is a well capitalized Calgary based oil exploration and production company with operations in Western Canada and Trinidad.

Health, Safety & Environment

Health, Safety & Environment

Our health and safety program works every day to ensure that all regulatory requirements and industry standards are understood and abided by within the workplace. We comply with all of the necessary Federal, Provincial and Local laws, as well as recognized safety practices. This is done with complete willingness as we strongly believe that workplace safety is a major component to the foundation of our corporate culture. We are currently working towards completing the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program. This program will consist of a third-party safety management system which will be actively scoring each element of our system using the ENFORM Audit Protocol. Any employee, at any given time, can be randomly selected to participate in the scoring process. We are looking forward to achieving this not only necessary, but worthwhile certificate.

Environmental Monitoring Programs:

Touchstone Exploration Inc. and its employees are committed to protecting and preserving the quality of the work environment while conducting our activities. Our program is built around prevention, compliance, conservation and restoration. We closely monitor our operations through various programs including: shallow groundwater monitoring, passive air monitoring and soil monitoring – all of these efforts are taken to minimize disturbance of the lands we operate on.